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My sister & I were both put into Young Womens in October of 2012. We were both asked to over see Personal Progress. I live in Connecticut, she is in Texas. Here we hope to add our ideas to help each other & you!

Young Womens is a program set up by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). It is for young girls age 12-18. If you would like further information, you can go here...
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

YW Bulletin Board

Finally finished our YW bulletin board that is out in the hallway of the church.  Well, it's not 100% done... still a few minor things to add.
But anyways, it was designed to look like a Pinterest board.  The bottom 3 squares will be changed each month.  We will keep the upper portion the same.  The only one that will change is the "misc.".  That is where we have our bball schedule.  When bball is over we will put up trek info.  Then camp...

The sideways people will be a 4x6 photo of the girls.  I just keep forgetting to take their picture.  Also, right hand corner will have a picture of christ with "15 followers" representing our 15 girls.


  1. I was just curious what you change under personal progress? I love this and our bulletin board really needs to be changed.

  2. we focus on a different value each month... so we just rotate the values under personal progress.

  3. hi
    you sam and sarah are from trumbull 1, CT???
    im the yw president from trumbull 2 ( nom Bridgeport 2 from today we are a ward =D )
    and LOVE this board... excellent job.. well done....
    I just start to work on ours to.. that's why I find this cute blog about yw..
    my name is ana carvalho by the way


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