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My sister & I were both put into Young Womens in October of 2012. We were both asked to over see Personal Progress. I live in Connecticut, she is in Texas. Here we hope to add our ideas to help each other & you!

Young Womens is a program set up by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). It is for young girls age 12-18. If you would like further information, you can go here...
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Armor of God- YM/YW Combined Activity

Tonight for our combined YM/YW activity we are focusing on protection (spiritual & physical).

The YM are in charge of covering the physical protection.  We have 2 police officers in the ward who will be talking about internet safety, what to do if they are in a mall, school, theater... and someone starts shooting.  They will also go over basic self defense.

The YW are in charge of covering the spiritual protection.  We decided to go with the Armor of God.  First we will go over what all the pieces represent.  Then we will have a relay race to let them all put on the Armor of God.  Each member of the YW presidency is in charge of coming up with the items for 1 full suit of armor.  Example:  Light saber for the sword, collander for the helmet.  We wanted it to be fun.

We are making cookies & putting them in bags with the above handout attached.

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